Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Be your own kind of beautiful. I have a big belly and I have pimple on my face. The edges of hair is thinning, my butt is flat and I have a chronic illness, but do you know I’m the most beautiful woman in the world?

I’m not lying to myself, I am merely validating myself. I am sure that I have a pretty heart and a pretty soul. I’m bold and I’m classy. I am an independent woman with high self esteem.

My smile is my best secret and I invoke power, which is my weapon. My personality is my
success. So here is a tip…Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Block any kind of negativity, especially self hate and self doubt. Ignore negative comments from others and always walk with your head up!

Be graceful and bold because you are a beautiful Queen! Never look back my Queens. Had Cinderella gone back to pick up her shoe, she would not have become a Princess!

“Taking joy in leaving is woman’s best cosmetic.” Rosalind Russell.

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