We Can’t Give Up

Life can be very hard but, we can’t give up! Sometimes, all you want to do is to give up on everything. You feel lonely, unwanted, not so beautiful and at times, not so smart. You have a lot of debts and your family members are not there for you. You can’t find a soul mate or worse, you thought you did, but now you’re separated or divorced.

Wow, it is a lot but you can’t give up, nor become depressed. Don’t even give in to substance or alcohol abuse. Lift your head up and talk to God. Pray and start trusting and loving yourself. Make a change, a new you in positive way! Change your look and find a new or old passion or hobby that you will enjoy. Find a spiritual guide from a religion that you like. Read a good book, one that may inspire you.

Girlfriend, you will be fine. You will have peace and beauty inside and out! Life will welcome you by opening many doors, bringing you love, success, happiness and prosperity. Just never give up.

Like they say “Life isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be lived. Sometimes it’s good and other times rough but, with every up and down, you will learn lessons that will make you strong!”

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