Go Best Friend That’s My Best Friend!

Today is a very special day…It’s International Best Friends Day! All over the world, people are tagging their besties on social media. Do you know the rap song that states, “Go Best Friend, That’s My Best Friend?” We’ll instead of a prolific rap about friends, I think you all could appreciate African Proverbs about friendships!

Hold these proverbs close to your heart!proverbs4

“To be without a friend is to be poor indeed.” ~ Tanzanian proverb
“Hold a true friend with both hands.” ~ African proverb
“The friends of our friends are our friends.” ~ Congolese proverb
“A friend is someone you share the path with.” ~ African proverb
“Show me your friend and I will show you your character.” ~ African proverb
“Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you.” ~ African proverb
“Between true friends even water drunk together is sweet enough.” ~ African proverb
“A small house will hold a hundred friends.” ~ African proverb
“A close friend can become a close enemy.”~ African proverb
“Bad friends will prevent you from having good friends.” ~ Gabon proverb

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