#MCM Happy Man Crush Monday!


Dear Man Crush Monday,

My name is 1000 Shades of Women and I am not feminist, but I’m bettering myself so I can be a better companion, wife, girlfriend and mother to
a gentleman. In my eyes, you guys are kings and women are your queens! Let me teach you something about women…we do not equate our physical strength to yours but, we believe in our abilities and desires just like you do, so please respect ours.

At the work place, we demand equal pay for equal work but, we are not brutal dictators when it comes to our interpersonal relationships. Most of us are seeking God fearing, supportive men who are good communicators with a great sense of humor! We would like you to be respectful, faithful and goal oriented. Your friendship and companionship are essential, it keeps our spirits uplifted. In times of need, your unconditional love and compassion will be greatly cherished and reciprocated, as we continue our quest for the betterment of ourselves.
While financial security is important to us, we believe in sharing financial goals and expect your financial contribution to be equally beneficial, as well.

Sincerely Yours,
Ms. Phenomenal Woman

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