Part 1: Classy Taboo Talk

tabooiconFINALLadies today, lets talk about classy taboo talk! At birth, we are destined to be classy. We are destined to speak well, learn etiquette, be poised and to sit regally. This is what womanhood is all about. Let no one or nothing in life tell you otherwise and certainly don’t let anyone bring you down.

By being classy, I don’t mean being bourgeois or walking around in brand name clothing. Being classy doesn’t mean attending an Ivy League school nor is it the color of your skin or your upbringing. By classy, I mean our demeanor, how we carry ourselves. It’s how we talk and relate to people and most importantly, to maintain a level of humility.

And ladies, we have to remember that we can not be classy without respect. Respect for others and respect for oneself, which includes self love and having a high self esteem. Classy is best when people can see it and feel it, without us having to say a word. When we walk through the door, we should exude class simply by the manner in which we conduct and carry ourselves.

Let’s keep it classy ladies!

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