Part 2: Taboo Talk Hygiene


Ladies, one of the key areas of boosting our confidence is having good hygiene. We want intense intimacy from our mate and we want that long toe tingling French kiss, right? Well I’m here to tell you, we can all have it because, we all deserve it! But, to be pleasurable with our mates, we must be an attractive plate for them to eat from. What do I mean by this? I mean, we need to be pleasant to kiss and a pleasure to be intimate with.

We’ve got to keep our mouths clean, not just by brushing our teeth but, by remembering to brush our tongues also. We’ve got to keep our Va-jayjay’s sparkling clean so, wash her ladies! Wash her with some Va-jayjay cleanser or simply with water. Some of us are dry down there but, no worries girls, there is solutions for that. If you are exceptionally dry, drink plenty of water and eat pineapples or watermelons, those two sweet fruits will do the trick. They will lubricate you and leave you smelling delicious and edible for hours!

To get your hygiene on point ladies, don’t forget to wash under your breasts because as we all know, the breasts are great resting spots. Let’s clean our butts real good. If our personal hygiene is on point, we can even pass gas and it won’t stink up the place!

Get clean ladies, get clean. We deserve pleasure and nothing beats the pleasure of being edible for hours! When we are edible for hours, it does wonders for our self confidence!

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