Part 1: My Cinderella Dream is Called Divorce

My Dear Friend Divorce,

You have come into my life, trying to make me weak. You’ve broken my Cinderella, happily ever-after dream and you’ve made me cry because, I thought that I was not enough. Do you know that you almost put me into a depression? I’m glad to tell you that it didn’t happen!

Honey let me tell you something, there is an old saying, “What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger” so,  I did what I was taught to do and I leaned on the shoulders of the Almighty. You see I am strong,  I am beautiful, I am bold.  I am a survivor so, I will not settle for less but, I’m thanking you for helping me see the light. You have restored my faith, rebuild my self esteem and I must admit, I have matured.

So my dear friend, I am not bitter at you nor do I hold grudges. I’m going to announce your name so everyone will know. Readers, please welcome the newly happily, happily, happily ever-after, Miss Divorce!

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