1000 Shades of women Awards recipients :

We at A Thousand Shades of Women are deeply grateful for your generous support of our services and programs.  Please know that we acknowledge and appreciate your friendship. 
At a time when philanthropy is increasingly vital to our success community support has enabled A Thousand Shades of Women to not only maintain, but also further expand and enhance our exceptional quality of service.  Your recent support demonstrates how concerned individuals can make the difference in providing our friends, family and neighbors with something to look to in their future. 
Our mission to provide empowerment, compassionate environment is at the very heart of all that we do. 
Thank you for your partnership as we continue our efforts to provide love, appreciation and support to all we do together.

Here are the honorees that we salute for their efforts:

1) Dosso Khassimou – Former chairman at Newark African Commission, Project Manager Newark Economic Development corporation of the city of Newark.

2) Ibrahima Lawson Fofana -Award of excellence for being a business man, philanthropist in the Diaspora.

3) Earl Best Street MD – Award of excellence for doing a outstanding work by uplifting the youth in Newark.

Samuel Nash Founder and CEO of the Billionaire club.

4) Bendu Sannoh Aka Iron Lady –  Award of excellence for her great leardership and empowerment in the Diaspora

5) Jaqueya Harris aka Kekee – Award of excellence for her great support and empowerment.

6) Kingvee Swaray – Award of excellence for great leadership and empowerment of the youth in the Diaspora . 

           1000 shades of women team .


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